Food – advice for diabetic patients

The diabetic patients are supposed to lead a well controlled lifestyle. Especially while coming to the food, they must be more cautious in all the means. This is because each and every food they tend to intake will determine their blood glucose level. Hence these people should always have a better concern over their food when compared to normal people. The best food tips that can help out the diabetic patients to a greater extent are discussed below.


The diabetic patients should not only have a concern over the food they intake but also the timing. They must make sure to take their medicines and food at right tie. This single tip can help them to overcome several issues. They may feel hungry more frequently, but they must try all the possible ways to control their appetite and must follow only the routine diet. And this diet food should also be consumed at right time. In case, if they fail to take their food at right time, they may experience giddiness and other related problems.

Healthy carbs

One of the most common mistake done by many people is they will completely avoid carbs. But it is to be noted that taking limited quantity of carbs is more important for the diabetes patient. The only thing is they must ensure to take healthy carbs. The foods like chick peas, unsweetened yogurt, milk, whole oats and several other foods are rich in healthy carbs. This kind of food can be added to the daily diet to stabilize their health at the best. They can make use of the diabetes chart to get better idea about the impact of diabetes in their body and to frame the right diet according to it.

More vegetables and fruits

The people who are severely affected by diabetes are supposed to take more fruits and vegetables in their daily diet. The fruits that are rich in fiber content can favor their health to a greater extent. Many people tend to have an assumption that the sugar content in fruits may affect their health. But this is not the fact. As these are natural sugars, it will not cause any kind of negative impacts over their health. While coming to vegetables, except few sugar rich vegetables they can add all kind of vegetables in their diet. ‘

Healthy facts

Even the people who are affected by diabetes must add fat content in their diet. The only constraint is they must add good fats that can favor their well being to a greater extent. Ghee, butter and lard can be considered as the best examples for good fat. Hence they can make sure to add these products to their diet plan.

Avoid alcohol

The diabetes patient should avoid intake of alcohol. In case if they are unable to get compromised, they must be sensible over their drinking habit. Especially if they are taking insulin, they should avoid taking alcohol in empty stomach as its impacts will be worst than they sound to be.