Gourmet Coffee Gifts for That Tantalizing Caffeine Fix

Now that you have decided to give your loved one coffee and chocolate gift baskets, it is time to stake up your gourmet coffee gift basket with that Gourmet coffee maker. Drip brewing is the most efficient and popular way to brew a cup of coffee. But often, many do not know the correct approach to drip brew. Here are some tips you might wish to suggest to your loved one when you deliver your perfect gourmet coffee gifts.

One of the main factors that directly impact the taste of your gourmet coffee is the coffee grounds. Always remember that pre-packed and pre-grinds are never fresh enough for that prefect cup. The key to a great cup of coffee is the freshness of its beans, and grinding them just before brewing is critical. In fact, you only grind the amount you need and not the entire bag. Better still, if you are brewing for two cups, you may grind it cup by cup. This might be more work but you get the freshest taste that comes with your labor. Always clean your filter every time after use, as the remaining aftertaste and coffee oils could spoilt the next cup. Never keep your coffee pot on your gourmet coffee maker long after the brew is completed, as you would create a burnt aftertaste which will spoilt the entire pot of brew.

coffee and chocolate gift baskets

What type of water should you use in your gourmet coffee maker? I find that using spring water gives my gourmet coffee a fresher and purer taste and it tends to further enhances and compliments my coffee’s flavor. Indeed, a lot of people do not bother much about the type of water used in their drip brewing process. In fact, some may think that the process could be expedited and enhanced with hot or warm water. This is the greatest mistake one can make, you should use cold water instead. The key reason is that when hot water is heated and it loses the minerals and nutrients in the water which are so critical in brining out the flavor of your gourmet coffee.

The brand and type of gourmet coffee beans you choose have a direct impact on the final brew of course. Blue Mountain coffee for instance is a much softer and lighter blend on the palate than your Kona coffee beans which is more full bodied and stronger aftertaste. If your loved one prefer fruity tones with a tinge of wine flavor, you might wish to check out the Ethiopian coffee range.

The brand, blend and brew must come in unison for that perfect cup. So when your gourmet coffee gifts arrive, you can then strut your stuff and impress her with your perfect drip brewing skills and mastery manipulation of the gourmet coffee maker.