Cap Your Night at West Palm Beach by Dining at Ora

Do you crave a fine dining experience with some extra action? Are you currently in West Palm Beach with the boys? If so, you might want to try hanging out in a gentlemen’s club dining in West Palm Beach called Ora. They have delicious meals while you dine with gorgeous girls who will make your night unforgettable. Of course, the main feature of Ora is to make your stay comfortable while you enjoy the night with your friends. Take note; it’s a gentlemen’s club. So don’t bring in your married friends!

The Most Beautiful Food in West Palm Beach

Food can instantly change everyone’s mood. If a dish tastes good, you’ll want to eat more. And if it looks beautiful, the more appetizing it will appear. That’s what Ora is all about. With their rich culinary dossier, you’ll find different types of dishes that will make your mouth water. For instance, they have the Tomahawk Platter, which includes 36 oz. of Mussels and Jumbo Shrimp with your personal choice of side.

On the other hand, they have the 24 Karat Gold Tomahawl Platter, which includes 36 oz. Lobster Tail, Mussels, Jumbo Shrimp, and your choice of side. These will perfectly start your night with the boys!

Get Ready for the VIP Experience

If you’re from West Palm Beach and want to have somewhere to go to every Saturday night with your friends, then you might fancy the VIP packages of Ora. They currently have three VIP packages available, and you can split them among your friends. The first package is Champagne VIP Package for $275. It’s already good for two, comes with one bottle of champagne, two soda mixers and juice, you get to skip the line, and you have a personal host. The second package is The Single Bottle Package for $550, which is already suitable for four. Here, you get a premium bottle; you get to skip the line with prioritized VIP seating. You also get a personal host with juice and soda mixers.

The Triple Bottle Package for $950 is already good for 12 people. You get three premium bottles with a reserved VIP Booth seating. It also comes with a personal host and server, plus juice and soda mixers.

The Ora Skybox

The Ora Skybox for $5,000 is perfect if you have a private party with up to 20 people. Here, you get a bar tab for premium liquor, wine + champagne. It also comes with a culinary package of one out of four prix fixe menus. Plus, you get a private culinary server and a VIP bottle server. You get to use the elevator service and private VIP exit and entrance.