Sheet Metal Fabrication Companies In Malaysia: Encompassing Households To Spacecrafts

Sheet metal manufactured products are considered and proven to be very tough and flexible. The strength and flexibility make it the perfect choice to become an ideal housing of every type of equipment and vehicle. Nowadays, sheet metal surrounds the planet in almost every sector, from household appliances to interplanetary spacecraft due to their special properties. Sheet metal production is a multistage process. A sheet of metal goes through various processes divided into different stages. According to the final products’ design and structure, it is decided how much time each operation or process will be performed on the sheet metal. Companies such as sheet metal fabrication companies in Malaysia cater to the huge demand requirements of sheet metal products of their country.

Tools used in the fabrication of sheet metals: There is a wide variety of tools used in the fabrication of sheet metals. Due to fabrication being a collective name for all the processes involved in manufacturing sheet metal products, each process involved in the production requires its own set of specific tools to achieve the desired and finished product.

  • CAD software is used to build a 3-D model and simulate the desired structure. With the help of prototyping technology, a simulated prototype of the structure is produced to test and analyze any errors or improvements required in the design.
  • A band saw, chop saw, cutting torches, laser torches, and cutting machine are used in sheet metal machining processes.
  • Press brakes, panel benders, and robotic folders are crucial pieces of equipment required in the folding process.

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  • Welding torches and robotic welders are used in the welding sheet metal to join and form a desired shape or structure.
  • Assembly lines and conveyer machines are required to assemble different structure parts and form the desired shape.
  • Powder coating plants and equipment are used in this coating process to give the final product a finished look.


The fabrication of sheet metals has led to many advancements in technology and robotics. Many companies have been established with the core aim of this fabrication process, such as sheet metal fabrication companies in Malaysia. This increase in the fabrication industry of sheet metals roots from the growing demands and applications of sheet metal products worldwide. Some of the applications of sheet metals include the manufacturing of vehicle bodies, household/kitchenware appliances, and rooftops of buildings and houses.