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The movies mentioned below are the ones that have an amazing storyline.

1-Bhamakalapam (2022)

This movie is about Anupama. A meddling mom, a pushy wife, and a nosey neighbour. She suspects that her neighbour killed his wife and meddled in it, but things go wrong. Anupama tries to escape but cannot. Find out what happens next. Watch Bhamakalapam now!

2-Senapthi (2021)

This is the story of Krishna, an honest policeman. While tailing a criminal, he accidentally loses his pistol. This pistol lands up in the hands of Murthy. He is a thief who ends up going on a killing spree with the pistol he finds.

3-Super over (2021)

Super over is a movie about Kaasi. Kaasi and his friend have a stroke of amazing luck, and the bet wins some money in cricket. But this soon lands them in inevitable trouble. What happens next is the tale of twisted events and unexpected turns! Watch this amazing movie now!

4-Love story (2021)

This story is about how Revanth, who is settled in Hyderabad and is a Zumba trainer. He falls in love with Mounica, who hails from an upper-caste conservative family. This is a story of how they face society and the problems that occur. How will they have a happy ending?

5- Nagaram (2017)

This is an amalgamation of four parallel tracks and how everyone gets engrossed in a kidnapping drama that involves a deadly goon’s son. The movie is about the rest of the story and how things unfold over time in the end. It is an amazing rollercoaster of twists and turns.

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