Having Good Life While Living In Portland, Oregon

Portland is indeed an expensive place to live, but you don’t have to be rich to enjoy life here. The number one tip for making friends as a new Portlander is to get outside and engage with the people at your local parks. Sanelo has provided a great guide on moving to Portland Oregon.


Portland is known far and wide as having some of the best parks in the world, and they are just waiting to be explored. There is a park within walking distance of every place in the city, meaning there is more park than you could ever visit in one lifetime. 


One of the most popular parks among Portlanders is Washington Park. This exceptional park has a rich cultural heritage and is home to the most stunning Japanese Garden. There are tennis courts, an archery range, baseball diamonds, and miles of gorgeous hiking trails. 


Another popular Portland park is Forest Park, which offers some fantastic views of Mt. Hood. This lush green space has over 50 miles of trails for mountain bikers and hikers alike and several ponds full of ducks, swans, and salmon. There is even a bird sanctuary with more than 250 species of birds calling this incredible park home.


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The area surrounding Portland has several other parks that are just as beautiful as the parks mentioned above. The Springwater Corridor is a fantastic water trail that winds through the entire town. This trail is mainly used by bikers, walkers, and runners, but it is also open to horses and people walking dogs. 


There are also several unique nature trails in the surrounding area, such as the one at Mt. Tabor Park, which has some stunning views of Downtown Portland and Mt. Hood. These little-known trails have some rare trees and plants, including more than 20 species of native huckleberries that you can only find here in Portland.


Additionally, many other parks in the city are unique to different cultural groups. Asian Gardens, located on the east side of Downtown Portland, is a beautiful park surrounded by beautiful homes. This area is home to several beautiful Buddhist temples, and there is even a Japanese-style garden that people from Japan have just redone. The park was designed specifically for Japanese families to enjoy.


There are also some fantastic parks representing different nationalities and ethnicities, such as Lents Park, which was designed with the help of Vietnamese families. Vietnamese Americans raised money for this park to enjoy the beauty of nature and culture and have some fun with their families.

Can we heat a tent with a candle

Camping indeed is a wonderful experience. The natural vibes and awesome views make the heart sing. To make the stay more amazing and comfortable, a few things that always help are a tent, good food, heat, and some sleeping arrangement. Heating a tent is always a good idea. Keeping proper safety precautions in mind, it is possible to heat a tent with a candle.

Candles can generate a good amount of heat. The amount of heat generated by a candle depends on its dimensions and type. A camping tent is relatively small in size when compared to the dimension of a room. Also, the fact that the temperature inside the tent is supposed to be increased by only a few degrees contributes to the idea of choosing a candle as a source of heat for the tent. It is a good way to keep the tent warm. It is not safe to use a heating source inside a closed tent. If you’re looking for a decent and simple way to heat up your tent with a candle, the uco candle lantern heater is the way to go!

Precautions for using the candle in tents

Here are a few precautions that must be followed while heating a tent with a candle.

  • Make sure any kind of flammable objects are not near the candle.
  • The tent is made out of material that does not catch fire easily.
  • The candle holder must be solid and should be placed on a steady base.
  • All the candles should be put out when not considered necessary.
  • Before sleeping, make sure the candle is put out.

ground for decorations

Hacks to use candles in tent

Here are a few hacks that can lead to a safe experience using candles as a heat source.

  • Use a candle lantern. They have housing made up of material that does not catch fire easily like glass or ceramic.
  • Find out the safest place inside the tent to put a candle and use a small table as base.
  • Break the contact of the tent from the ground by using a rug or plastic, so that there is a decrease in the amount of cold coming inside the tent.
  • Keep the candle on a small metal tray so that even if it falls, the surroundings do not catch fire.

Along with keeping the tent warm and cosy, a candle can do a lot more. Playing card games, reading favourite books and photography too is possible using a candle. Winter campings are fun but too cold at the same time. Candles can provide the right amount of warmth needed.

Tips For limousine rental prices Singapore

A limousine rental is a specific business, and many mistakes are not difficult to avoid, but that can destroy the plans for movement or occasion. Depending on the needs, limousines may be more reasonable than renting a taxi when the expense is split between the people in the group. With a limousine, one will have more reliable service and an exceptionally proficient driver. However, it’s critical to avoid potential risks to ensure one doesn’t end up paying more than one needs to. Here are some tips to help limousine rental prices Singapore.

Get the right vehicle

There are many types of extravaganza service vehicles, and one really should assign the right one. One wants to make sure the vehicle one saves is big enough to please the entire group. Some more modest vehicles have a lower rental rate but assuming they are too small to even think about accommodating the meeting, one may need to rent another vehicle, which can be a huge last-minute cost. There are regularly around six distinct sizes of extravaganza vehicles, starting with cars like Lincoln Town or Cadillacs. Extended carts offer extra legroom. Next are the six-, eight-, and ten-passenger stretch limousines. Finally, one can choose a very large limousine with limits ranging from twelve to eighteen passengers. To ensure comfort, always choose the largest vehicle to ensure there is plenty of space. Choosing a large enough vehicle in the organization stages will eventually save one money.

Find out what’s included

There are a wide variety of limousine rental services and a large number of them use different billing strategies. Be sure to check that the service agreement is comprehensive or one may find charges on the last bill for things like express lane charges or onboard beverages. It is ideal to request when one takes ownership of the vehicle, in case there are other charges besides the hourly rental expense. If one doesn’t have a comprehensive understanding of rent, one could end up being billed for a wide variety of costs.

Focus on free

The driver looks like some other specialist in the service business and has more responsibility for the well-being than most. A standard tip is 20% of the total amount, however, many rental offices incorporate the tip as a component of the cost estimate provided. Make sure one knows if the tip is remembered by the deal to save the cost of tipping twice.

A Great Students Traveler’s Guide That You Should Know

Traveling young is a great way to not only create memories and have fun, but also to experience different cultures and societies. Traveling with your friends means that you have the opportunity to explore and learn about the rich and diverse cultures that the world has to offer in a safe and reliable way. If you’re planning your next group adventure, take a look at these tips to ensure the best possible travel experience. Your next adventure will launch in no time!

Explore cultures, not hotels

Traveling when you are young gives you a great opportunity to learn about other cultures. This can help instill a sense of identity and understanding in your way of life. It can be a really humbling experience to see the ways other cultures live.

Go with a good group of people

Embarking on a student travel experience can be a truly beneficial experience, although often the people you go with make the trip amazing. Try to go with a group that you know will take care of the very things that matter to you.

Traveling young

Find your destination

There is no point going to one of the most expensive places in the world if you have very little money to spend. Be sure to research the destinations you want to visit before you leave. This means looking at costs, researching cultural norms (many countries may find social behavior / dress offensive), places worth visiting, crime rates, local appeal, etc.

Take a lot of pictures

One of the best things about traveling with the people you love is that you will create positive memories. Be sure to capture the fun and excitement on your students’ trips. After all, it may only happen once. Documenting your journey into the future is a great way to make sure you remember your travels in the future.

Take time to think

Make sure you take the time to think while traveling. It can be very easy to fall into the laughter, activities, and excitement of your exploration, but spending time thinking and enjoying the experience will help you create truly meaningful memories.

Practically package

One of the biggest mistakes people make when they first travel is packing the wrong things. After conducting your destination search, you should have a general idea of ​​what clothing will be appropriate for the place you are traveling to. But you also need to make sure you pack other suitable things!