A detailed view of wedding ceremony and its types

A wedding is also known as marriage, wedlock, or matrimony and this is recognized as the union between two persons who are also called as spouses. The marriage will establish obligations and rights between them and also their children. An individual can marry for many reasons and they are as follows religious purposes, spiritual, financial, emotional, libidinal, social and legal. The wedding is influenced by the following such as individual desire, parental choice, perspective marriage rules, socially determined incest rules and gender.

The common types of marriages and their definitions

There are many types of marriages and the following are the common types of marriage.

  • Monogamy
  • Polygamy
  • Temporary marriages
  • Child marriage
  • cohabitation
  • Third-gender and same-sex marriages

Monogamy is a type of marriage where an individual will have only one spouse in their lifetime and this has led to the serial monogamy where the divorce rate was rising. This means people will apply for the divorce and once they got divorced they are remarrying another person. This type of divorce and remarriage will result in “serial monogamy” where there will be many marriages but the rule will be followed as only one spouse at a time.

common types of marriage

Polygamy is a type of wedding where an individual can have more than 2 spouses at a time where when a man is marrying more than one wife at the same time and this relationship is known as polygyny and when the woman is marrying more than one husband at the same time and this relationship is known as polyandry. And there is another type called plural marriage where more than 2 members get married and started to have a family.

Many kinds of same-sex marriages are documented in lineage-based cultures and indigenous. Few countries are practicing conditional and temporary marriages where the marriage is valid for the only term that is fixed. A child marriage is a type of wedding where both or one spouse is under 18 years of age and this is also related to the teenage pregnancy and betrothal.

Tips or strategies for selecting the right partner for the life

The following are some of the tips or strategies for selecting the right partner for your life. First, you need to find someone to whom you can connect easily, spend time together, respect each other, consider the standards, and consider the intellect of your partner.