How to use your  sphere the right way

Networking is no small word in real estate business. Your circle of people whom you have known and influence is your biggest support in the real estate business. All real estate podcasts and research sources support this fact.

There are so many proven incidents from real estate business people that their business went up when they started to use their sphere the right way.

What is a sphere in real estate terms? 

Sphere is nothing but a circle if your friends/ family even neighbours have known and have been influenced. They are your network of people whom you can look up to and share about your life.

Why are they important?

They are important for the very reason that they are a part of your life and so many other lives. They are connections who can bring leads to your business or referrals when dealt properly.

Who can be your sphere?

Anyone whom you can connect with. It could be the shopkeeper you buy groceries from or the teacher in your kids’ school or a distant neighbour or a friend you made at a party. It could be anyone. As mentioned in a real estate podcast called Keeping it real, your sphere is a great chance to improve your business.

How to approach and make use of Sphere

  • Be genuinely connected with people in your circle.
  • Give them a call once in a while to check how they are doing or share something about you or business which is related to them
  • Be more active in media
  • Keep it casual and don’t be all about business
  • Treat everyone equally with respect because you never know who might help you.

As you go on you will see more referrals or even leads coming to you.