How Effective Is HHC Edibles

HHC edibles are a one-of-a-kind product that has been medically formulated to help people with debilitating and chronic health conditions. HHC edibles come in a variety of different sizes and flavours, but each package contains 10mgs of THC per cookie.The efficacy of these products is typically less than other edibles due to their small size, lack of sugar, flour, or other ingredients that could potentially be used to mask the effects of the THC fromĀ However, because each HHC edible has very few ingredients, it is easier for your stomach to digest them and get them into your bloodstream faster.

Less harmful to your body than other edibles. They don’t have any traces of gluten or dairy in them. Therefore they are much easier on your digestive system and less harmful to your stomach and intestines.

2 doses in one! For some people, it might take multiple edibles to get the same effects. With HHC edibles, you can double up on the benefits! You must keep a close eye on how many you are taking as a result of this factor.

Flavours and dosages vary by product. Without the ability to choose a variety of flavors and dosages, you can quickly become bored with these edibles.

No dosing information is included. There is no dosage information included on the packaging for these products, so if you are new to marijuana and edibles you’ll likely be unsure exactly how much is too much. Concentrates can be stronger than you expect!

Not strong enough for many people. For some users, after taking HHC edibles they don’t feel any effects at all or only noticeable effects for a brief period.