Know about the new confinement food menu?

The confinement food menu packages involve delicious and healthy confinement foodservice meals that focus just on the new mother’s overall wellbeing after childbirth.

Our specifically designed meals at Confinement Catering encourage lactation. To support breastfeeding, we’ve included milk-boosting components like salmon, papaya, spinach, turmeric, and others on the menu.

Why is it needed?

They’ve also created ours to possess lactation snacks to complement our confinement meals, as well as help moms, produce more milk!

It takes more energy to conceive as well as carry a child to term. The mother’s ‘Qi’ is further depleted during the pregnancy and birth, which results in substantial blood loss.

As a result, postpartum care is critical. The recovery time, also known as the ‘confinement period,’ will last 28 – 40 days on average. The primary objective of post-birth women’s dietary practices throughout this time is to gain back vitality by nurturing the blood, replenishing qi, as well as dispelling wind.

Different varieties

Confinement food delivery comes in a variety of packages ranging from 7 – 28 days.

Other than on the eve, first, and second days, we prepare and deliver with us confinement food fresh every day, such as public holidays. For lunch or dinner, we prepare 2 distinct meals. We give both meals individually, whereas most caterers produce both foods at lunch and expect mothers to heat them for dinner. Lunch and dinner confinement meals are served from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Before placing an order with all of us, you can make any requests for specific delivery times. Except for hospitals as well as non-residential addresses, we deliver throughout the island.

Before delivery, all confinement meal ting kat cartons are sealed in thermal bags such that mothers can appreciate the freshly prepared meals as if they were served straight from the stove.

While our menu options are subject to seasonal variation and availability, you can relax knowing that the meals humans prepare still will meet the nutritional requirements for mothers. We also accommodate no-beef queries and other special requests when we are notified before the order is placed.

All of our halal confinement food packages come with delivery included in the price.

Healthy confinement food menu  are difficult for post-natal moms to start preparing on their own. That’s why with us bunch of young mothers devote one‘s time and passion for preparing food to create delectable confinement food for mothers such as you – we’ll do the cooking while you focus on getting back to the best!