Protect Your Vehicles By Video Conveniently: Get Your Claims Easily!

Car insurance has been around for decades. Many car insurance companies are offering their significant services to the people. Each of the insurance companies has the same coverage yet differs from some other coverages. A good example is Compulsory Motorcycle Insurance and Voluntary Motorcycle Insurance. The two types of motorcycle insurances although have the same claims, yet differ in their conditions to get the compensation. With the increasing risk of COVID-19, an enhanced social distancing has been strictly followed by the community. However, accidents may happen unintentionally on the road. Checking and investigating the incident is essential for the insurance claims of the driver.

Video Insurance Claims with offers a unique claim service that can be done by video. The customer will record and report the incident by sending a video of the incident without meeting a surveyor. Yes, it is less work and less hassle. Customers can complete the steps for the car insurance experience.

What do Video Insurance Claims mean?

Video Insurance Claims is a type of car insurance by video. A customer can apply or buy the said car insurance plan without the need of visiting the physical office nor meeting an agent. The customer can arrange the application and purchase of the video insurance plan. From buying to claiming the insurance plan, it can be done by video. Sending a record and details to the insurance company is the process that the customer will complete – nothing more, nothing less. With this, it allows the maintenance of social distancing of the staff and the customers while at the same time protecting their vehicles.

Video Insurance Claims with

The Roojai Mobile App

Customers may wonder how they do the application and claim processes. Do they have to send it via email or any platform from the insurance company? Good question, both buying and claiming process are to be done on Roojai Mobile App. It is a company-based software that customers can install on their mobile phones. Using the mobile app of the company, you can access your account after purchase. Customers who will report an incident for their claims can do the process through the Roojai mobile app. Using the app, a customer will connect to one of the company’s agents that will assist through the insurance claim process, very easy and convenient. The claim agent will guide the customer on the important video and details to record to ensure that the claim is done precisely.

The video claims

Many people today are afraid of going out and meeting people aside from their family members. Most especially in crowded places, where people do some transactions, social distancing is enhanced. Therefore, you can’t easily make a transaction and talk to someone outside of the home. Good thing that video insurance claims make a difference. COVID-19 had changed the daily lifestyle of the people that changed the customers’ needs. With the video claims, customers can get their compensation by getting the right claims they deserved. Video reporting is now the new channel for safe and fast car insurance claim service.